Toronto Pride 2012 - Photo Gallery

During early July, Next Door Studios ventured off to Tornoto, Canada with exclusives Trystan Bull and James Huntsman for a series of live appearances and sponsorships! Check out the photo gallery of the guys in action and the some of the fans that stopped by to show their support!

Thank you Toronto for showing Next Door Studios and our models the love!

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

August 2nd is Tyler's birthday! Let's show some love for him by leaving him a comment below in his Virtual Birthday Card or send him a Tweet at @TylerTorroXXX!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Samuel O'Toole: Side Jobs

Brandon Lewis has struggled lately to find steady work. For a hands-on labor kinda guy, sometimes the jobs just aren't there. Luckily, Brandon's friend Samuel O'Toole runs a successful contracting business. Brandon and Samuel grew up together, so Sammy's usually willing to help out his old pal by giving him a spot on the crew.The boys are hanging out in the shade while taking a break between jobs. Samuel brought a few ice cold beers for them to enjoy. After chatting about work and cooling off with their brews, Samuel gets up to pee. But he finds his dick too hard to get even a drop out! Brandon's impressed by the size of his buddy's cock. He can't help but grab it to test the weight. Sure enough, it's a heavy piece of meat. It's just the right fit to be a perfect mouthful. Samuel lets Brandon go in for a nice suck job. As a long-time job foreman, he knows this is the perfect solution to revive them both for the rest of the day's labor. Brandon's own flesh pole grows into a healthy erection and the guys switch so Samuel can have a taste. Now THIS is the type of break they needed! Watch Brandon finish by exploding all over Sammy's bare feet as these hard working dudes take an opportunity to beat the heat.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Rod Daily: Hard Beat

Rod Daily is a cop who's seen his share of robberies, nappings, and violent crimes. Today he's been called to the scene of a possible break in. Officer Daily's heard rumors about the goings on up at the big house on the hill. They say wild, strange things happen up there. A neighbor reported seeing an intruder push his way in through a back door. When Officer Daily arrives, the scene is quiet, with nobody in sight. But as he looks closer, signs of forced entry become evident. The door was clearly kicked open. Chairs were knocked over, and lamps lay discombobulated on the floor. But once piece of evidence has piqued Rod's interest. A pair of freshly worn underwear sat in the middle of the bed. Rod most keen sense is his olfactory. He takes several deep whiffs, filling his lungs with musky odor from the underwear. He sits down in order to be in a more comfortable position to make a determination on where this clue will lead. Rod knows he needs to get inside the perpetrator's head. Pulling his cock out, he lets his imagination run wild. From the smell, whoever wore the undies last has a huge member. Rod knows the essence of girth, something he learned at the academy. He strokes his now raging boner, thinking about how bad he wants to catch his man this time. To simulate this thick dicked mystery assailant, Officer Daily pushes his large, metal flashlight into his ass, enjoying the cold, hard object inside him. He continues to jerk his cock, working himself up to a breakthrough in the investigation. And when this cop shoots a massive load onto his own face and into his mouth, you'll see why the precinct has nominated him for 'Best Field Work' 3 years in a row.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Best Friends Do It Best

You gotta love these guys! Adam Wirthmore, Connor Maguire, and Brody Wilder are just returning home from the county fair. They drank a little beer, hollered at some pretty girls, and ate a few candy apples. Now they're exhausted! Brody is crashing on the bed and Connor has collapsed on the floor. Adam, however, is hosing off quickly in the shower. When he returns, he finds his buddies heavy snoozin! Adam knows from experience there's only one way to rally Mr. Brody Wilder...with a hot, late-afternoon blowjob! Sure enough, Brody comes around and wakes up to Adam's warm lips around his boner. Adam sees Connor on the floor and decides to get him involved too. He gives him the same suck treatment and soon all 3 dudes are servicing each other on the bed! Then Connor suggests Adam take a dick in the ass. Adam knows a hard pounding is the best remedy to enliven his tired body. Boy is he right! You won't believe the scorching action when Brody gets on the other end, sandwiching Connor in a triple fuck train! It's massive dicks and maximum pleasure when these hunks get frisky, silly, and horny!



SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: Open Late

Cody Cummings enjoys hanging out late at night, looking for sweet tail. On this particular evening, he's aimlessly wandered into a hole-in-the-wall dive bar called 'Darcy's.' Upon entering, his eyes fix upon the bar's proprietor, Darcy Tyler. She's all alone, just about to close up the place when Cody sits down and orders a rum and coke. When she sees the hunky Cody, Darcy decides it won't be a problem to stay open a few extra minutes. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Cody realizes this young woman is in heat. He knows too well the look of a cock hungry mouth. Sure enough, Darcy walks around to Cody's side of the bar and welcomes his groping hands. After stripping down, they move to a couch for some intense action. Darcy can't believe the size of this stranger's cock! And she finds out quickly that it tastes like heaven. She loves the way it feels sliding up and down on her chest. Then as a final night cap, Cody shoves that behemoth, bulging dick inside her. Settle in, maybe grab a drink, and watch this incredible stallion give Darcy a hard, late-night pounding.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Twink: Blind Desire

Boning up for a sociology exam, Lucas Knight & Ashton Rush are experimenting in a little role playing exercise. Ashton has donned a blindfold in an attempt to simulate blindness, and Lucas is serving as his guide. Fumbling around quite a bit, Ashton doesn't quite seem to be getting the hang of it, so Lucas asserts himself and guides him with prodding that is a little more hands on. Grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in closer, Lucas begins kissing Ashton, and Ashton responds with a much more practiced response. Slipping his blindfold down around his neck, Ashton initiates a different sort of experiment, falling to his knees and taking Lucas into his mouth, choking himself on Lucas' expanding cock. Lucas turns the table on Ashton, undressing him as he slobbers all over his dick, and once fully naked, he bends Ashton over and penetrates him from behind. Ashton emits a satisfactory moan as he feels Lucas pumping his hole, stroking himself as he gets pounded relentlessly before jizzing all over the sliding glass door in a streaky mess. Fair to say, Ashton didn't see that coming.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Scotty Dean

It's midday and one Scotty Dean relaxes poolside. His lounge chair is comfortable. The oil on his skin is fragrant as it absorbs golden rays. Scotty grows restless. His cock is warm. It grows slowly harder until he can't ignore the bulge anymore. He reaches down and squeezes it, just before popping it out of his bright red swimsuit. A bit of tugging leads Scotty to seek refreshment in a shallow portion of the pool. He removes his shorts to feel the cool in every crevice of his body. He gently thrusts his hips up and down, making the water ripple. You'll watch him enjoy the essence of Summer as he continues to jerk his fat dick. Join Scotty and let your own senses be filled.



James Huntsman & Trystan Bull on Xtra TV & FAB Magazine

During our recent stop in Toronto for Pride we were honored to be featured by Xtra and FAB Magazine. Check out James Huntsman and Trystan Bull's interview and photo shoot!

If you are with media or publications and would like to arrange an interview or photo shoot with the talent of Next Door Studios, please contact our Promotions & Events Manager, Tucker Scott - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Introducing the Marcus Mojo Fleshjack!

Leading Gay Adult Sex Toy Brand Fleshjack, is continuing its partnership with Next Door Studios with the release of Marcus Mojo Fleshjack products.

Fleshjack currently promotes Next Door Studios exclusives Cody Cummings and Samuel O'Toole. The custom molded toys include exact replicas of the porn star's mouths, butts and cocks. Mojo's Fleshjack will have his own unique texture named Marvel.

"We are so excited to continue our relationship with Next Door Studios," Fleshjack marketing manager Daniel Pacheco said. "Marcus was actually used in one of our first photo shoots so it's exciting to see him as one of our Fleshjack Boys!" Pacheco further stated.."Marcus does a great job at connecting with his fans and keeping people interested in his work! We're definitely excited that he's joining the Fleshjack family!"

Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment said," The partnership between Fleshjack and Next Door Studios has proven to be a great one. We are all really excited to see this new Marcus Mojo product launched. Marcus has been a fan favorite and there are a lot of loyal fans out there who will be equally excited to see Marcus's new Fleshjack products, I am certain."

Plus the first 100 customers to purchase Marcus Mojo's products will receive an autographed toy signed by Marcus Mojo himself. The products are available for purchase at To learn more about Marcus Mojo, visit

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