June New Release Sale!

Next Door Studios - June 2012 New Release Sale!
Limited time offer! Get our new release special offer - LEARNIN' THE ROPES - at a discounted price of just $29.95! That's 60% off the retail price! Act now before this offer expires!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Hookups: Candy Lips

Garrett Michaels is the strong, silent type. A man of few words, he instead chooses to communicate through non-verbal body language, which is fine with Britney Bunny. She prefers less talk and more action anyway. So as Garrett's steely gaze beckons her closer, she unzips his pants and snakes her way into his fly, where Garrett's cock is definitely telling her something. Listening to his promptings, she moves down to her knees and begins to suck him off, but he doesn't break, hardly changing expression even as his cock hardens in her mouth. No stranger to a man's needs, she can tell what will happen next, even without a spoken word. Garrett strips her down and tongues her from calf to the nape of the neck, and everywhere in between, before strapping up and penetrating her as she reclines back and closes her eyes, indulging in the ecstatic feeling of his cock inside her. As he moves back and forth, she gets a sense of his ability to express himself in other ways, and when he pulls out and explodes all over her, it's like a beautiful sonnet, written in Garrett's milky prose.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Marcus Mojo: Secret Service

Marcus Mojo is charged with a serious duty this weekend. As an agent sworn to protect the country's elite politicians, he cannot be distracted on the job. And with the president coming to town this weekend, he is already in position, scouting out potential problems and getting preliminary details out of the way in anticipation. First on that list of necessary precautions is getting his dick wet. Prime objective in every agent's agenda. So Marcus calls another sort of "secret service" provider, and shortly after, Anthony Romero is knocking on his hotel room door. Marcus is pleasantly surprised by Anthony's soft good looks and supple lips, immediately plunging into him and then taking his pants off. Professional that Anthony is, he immediately falls to his knees and begins to suck Marcus off, then pushes him back onto the bed and rocks his legs upward to get at his ass. Licking Marcus' sweet hole in preparation, Anthony then slides his rock hard cock into Marcus' high profile ass, before the switch and Marcus finds himself on the bottom as Anthony slips on top of Marcus' cock and rides him to the point of explosion. When Marcus finally does relieve himself all over Anthony's chest, the country can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our protection agents are accounted for, focused and ready to protect without distraction.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Contrabanged

Parker London is one tough cop. His seen everything you can imagine on the street and dragged in a whole lotta scumbags. This time he's managed catch, after an intense foot pursuit, one Brody Wilder. Officer London's seen this type before - brash, nonchalant, lacking respect. It seems Brody doesn't realize the possible consequences for possessing an illicit substance. Right now London's giving him two options: go to jail, or suck this cop's mean, meaty dick. Brody's been in a cell before and doesn't wanna go back. That's why he's choosing the latter and pulling out Officer London's piece, and I don't mean his gun. Watch Brody go throat deep while enjoying the easy way out of trouble. Parker London likes to see a young man in his community making the right choices. And since Brody's showing a small bit of maturity for a kid on the street, Parker's gonna find out how Brody fucks. Turns out Officer London may have been wrong about this one. Maybe a drug dealing street punk can still make it in the city. After all, when you have the stamina and tenacity to pound a tight hole like Officer London's until you both shoot off your pieces, you've got a great point from which to grow.



Next Door Studios to Host Pride Weekend in Toronto

James Huntsman and Trystan Bull Celebrate Pride Weekend with Fans

Next Door Studios exclusive models, James Huntsman and Trystan Bull, will spend Pride weekend in Toronto with fans. The Studio will be in town from June 28 until July 1, and they will attending four major Pride events.

“Toronto Pride is my favorite,” says Stephan Sirard, President of Next Door Entertainment. “I’ve always greatly enjoyed it because of all the back-to-back events. I am so happy that Next Door Studios is able to attend so many of them this year!”

On June 28, James Hunstman will host the PRISM College event that will take place at Fly Nightclub. During this fabulous evening, James will be side-by-side with Hardline Chat and, together, they will meet fans and offer free giveaways.

The following night, at the Guvernment Nightclub’s PRISM Bootcamp event, James Hunstman and Trystan Bull will perform in a special live show on stage. The exclusive models will then hand out free giveaways, including DVDs, and they will be meeting fans and taking pictures with them.

The next day, on June 30, at the Sugar Beach AQUA party, James Hunstman and Trystan Bull will be at the Hardline Chat photo booth. During this time they will be taking pictures, meeting and greeting fans, and handing out giveaways. The event starts at 3 pm.

Lastly, on July 1, James Hunstman and Trystan Bull will spend Sunday afternoon at the PRIAPE store on Chruch and Wellesley. During this time, the Next Door models will be signing autographs, handing out more giveaways, and promoting the new Next Door Apparel underwear line.

“We are looking forward to having the change to celebrate another fantastic Pride together,” adds Sirard. For more information about the Next Door Studio Toronto Pride events, visit the NextDoorStudios.com.


Thursday, June 28th - James Huntsman @ PRISM COLLEGE (Fly Nightclub) Show is at 1:30AM

Friday, June 29th - Trystan Bull & James Huntsman @ PRISM BOOTCAMP (Guvernment) - (2) Shows @ 2AM & 3:30AM

Saturday, June 30th - Trystan Bull & James Huntsman @ AQUA PARTY (Sugar Beach) - Photo Booth from 3PM-8PM

Sunday, July 1st - Trystan Bull & James Huntsman @ PRIAPE (Store in Gay Village) - Next Door Underwear Launch - 3PM-7PM


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SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: Don't Talk to Strangers

There's a man in the bathroom stall, letting sexual images run wild through his head. His cock is hardening as the sensuous visions grow more clear. Another man crouches outside the stall, peering in through a fortuitous hole. The man inside is Cody Cummings and he's slowly lowering his jeans to expose his dong. He knows Connor Maguire is salivating while he peeps. Soon Connor's own dick is firm. He begins to stroke it as Cody moves closer to the hole. The luscious boner is pushed through so Connor can do with it as he may. Connor slowly wraps his lips around it, bobbing his head and sucking. Cody works his body into a thrusting motion. Connor takes the fat cock deep, experiencing every throbbing inch. Cody removes his shirt and runs his hands over the chiseled contour of his perfectly toned chest and abs. Connor is standing now, jacking his dick and Cody's together. He spits into his handful of man meat to add warm lubrication. Connor strokes both himself and the stranger behind the wall for another moment before returning to his knees for more oral indulgence. He wants this mysterious man's hot load on his face and chest. Watch this anonymous encounter unfold and explode in a climax of glorious ecstasy.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Twink: Trickin' On the Deck

JD Evans is making Brayden White a little nervous. As Brayden tries to scroll through his phone, JD is riding around on his skateboard, precariously avoiding potential disaster with every turn. Finally maneuvering around to the couch, his luck runs out as he crashes onto Brayden and the two of them fall laughing. As he helps him stabilize, Brayden leans in to kiss JD on the neck, and in no time, the two of them doing tricks of and entirely different sort. Dropping to his knees, Brayden takes JD's cock as deep as he can suck it, as JD moans in approval. JD returns the favor, throwing Brayden back against the couch and then licking his shaft and balls all over. Brayden turns over and JD slips his eager cock into Brayden's waiting ass, then Brayden arches up and raises his ass so JD can pound it harder. Turning over and pointing his legs up toward the ceiling allows JD to hit his spot, and Brayden responds with an ever hardening cock, stroking it into submission as JD pulls out and blasts him with cum. First trick he's landed all day.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Tyler Black

Tyler Black is 100% New York grade Italian sausage meat, and he is not shy about it. Showing off his tightly chiseled abs and chest, he rubs himself into a frenzy while reclining back on the 4 wheel ATV. As the temperature heats up inside the garage, Tyler strips down to nothing, letting his hard cock fall out of his briefs as he begins to stroke it into submission. Spreading his legs to straddle the machine, his cock points up to the heavens in full salute. Throbbing and about to burst, Tyler pumps his hips back and forth, showing off his rock hard ass and his sweet hole, before standing up proper and spraying the garage floor with his sticky load.



June New Release Sale!

Next Door Studios - June 2012 New Release Sale!
Limited time offer! Get our new release special offer - FRIENDLY FUCKS - at a discounted price of just $29.95! That's 60% off the retail price! Act now before this offer expires! Also check out our new line of briefs, boxer briefs and jocks!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Samuel O'Toole: ReModeled

At O'Toole Construction, quality is job #1. Job #2 is getting into Kyler Ash's pants, and seeing if he knows how to suck a dick or not. Johnny Torque and Samuel O'Toole are professionals at what they do, which means that not only is Kyler's bathroom going to look stellar, but he's also about to get the fuck of his life. As Johnny slowly massages his cock through his shorts, Kyler begins to understand the nature of what is about to happen. Willing and able, he takes Johnny's cock into his mouth as Sammy sizes up his asshole and lines up his massive cock. Entering into Kyler's sweet hole, Kyler emits a soft resistant yelp, before giving way and feeling the pleasurable burn of Sammy's massive cock filling up his ass. Then the two switch positions and Johnny gets his turn, and Kyler is just as receptive to his pounding advances, each of them getting harder and closer by the second, until they all three successively take turns unloading all over Tyler's stomach… hurry up and shower down, Kyler! These boys got other work to do!



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