SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Max Steel

Prepare your senses for a flesh treat you won't ever forget. But understand that Max Steel may haunt even your dreams. When his gaze falls upon you, you'll feel a deep stirring. It will tingle in your extremities and send a rush through your entire body. And you'll surely feel it in your pants as your cock hardens, just as his does. Join Max as he enjoys his fat, erect dick and chiseled physique. Max knows you're there. He knows you're liking the way he moves. He can feel the same connection you're feeling. Let Max permeate your awareness as your senses elevate. Watch him jerk his hard man pole while you both work up to a mutual explosion.



Happy Birthday, James!

June 4th is James's birthday! Let's show some love for him by leaving him a comment below in his Virtual Birthday Card or send him a Tweet at @James_Huntsman!

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SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Hookups: Private Session

Cassandra Cruz has been booking appointments with trainer Vinny Castillo for about a month now. There seems to be some chemistry but the problem is that the gym is always so crowded. So Cassandra has a plan. She books Vinny's last opening of the evening, and when she shows up, her top is already pinching up and starting to show a little extra something. Vinny notices and remarks that if she feels more comfortable, she should just take it off. Clearly her plan is working, and before she can even get the shirt up over her head, she can feel Vinny pressing against her back and kissing down the nape of her neck. Jackpot! She springs into action and falls to her knees, pulling Vinny's hard cock out his pants and taking it into her mouth. As he grows inside her mouth, she gets hot at the thought of his cock pounding her from the inside. He can sense her anticipation and flips her over, going down on her while stroking himself off, and then raising up he enters her as she is pressed against the punching bag. She grabs it with clenched fingers as he penetrates her and moves in and out, faster and faster with every stroke until he is ready to release all over her stomach with a single moaning emission, bringing this session to a creamy conclusion.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Austin Wilde: Rylan Bottoms Out

It's the end of the shoot week for Rylan Shaw, and finally the scene he's been waiting for: a pairing with Austin Wilde and his pile driver of a penis. Austin has been looking forward to railing Rylan's sweet ass as well, so when the camera starts rolling, Austin hops into action and wastes no time, immediately getting Rylan naked and starting to stroke his dick into hard on. Rylan is no slouch in the meat department either, packing serious heat down below. The two of them 69 each other's ever hardening cocks and then when Austin can resist no more, he bends Rylan over the recliner and as Rylan's body gives way and takes Austin in, Austin starts to pound Rylan into throes of pleasure unmatched. Rylan moans Austin turns him over, and Rylan jacks himself off while Austin continues to fuck away. The sight of Rylan's jizz only serves to make Austin more hot, so he pulls out and sprays a load all over Rylan's face as Rylan alternately takes the head of Austin's quivering cock in his mouth. If this is hitting the bottom, Rylan can't wait to do it again!



SCENE OF THE DAY: Marcus Mojo: Doctor's Orders

Marcus Mojo has aspired to become a professional personal trainer for some time now. He has a passion for refining the male physique and wants to put his skills to good use. Now he's paying Dr. Adam Hardy a visit to have his final physical assessment before becoming certified. Dr. Hardy is happy to examine Marcus closely.Dr. Hardy is a consummate professional, never taking shortcuts or half-assing any task. That's why he's performing every test on Marcus he knows. That includes a prostate check and an anal thermometer. For Marcus, these particular tests have produced a firm erection. Although embarassed a little, Marcus turns over so the doctor can continue with the exam. But the next procedure seems a bit unusual to Marcus. Dr. Hardy seems to be paying a bit too much attention to Marcus's cock area. Marcus is surprised, but excited. He tells Dr. Hardy he isn't uncomfortable with the touching of the dick at all. Dr. Hardy is pleased to hear this and wonders if Marcus would be agreeable to letting him suck his hard cock. He takes a risk and it pays off! Marcus is the type of patient who's willing to accept a nice, strong suck job from a hot, muscular doctor like Hardy. And he's willing to reciprocate as well! Marcus is returning the favor and having a taste of Dr. Hardy's very large, swollen dick. Then it's time to double check that prostate. But this time the doctor's using a different tool.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Tickle Fight

Lurking in the bushes, Paul Wagner awaits. Silent, patiently he holds steady to ambush his prey, and as Tyler Torro comes aimlessly strolling, unknowingly falling right into Paul's trap, he springs out and Tyler catches a face full of Paul's water cannon. Having committed the perfect ambush, all Paul needs to do now is make is get away. Light of foot and swiftly he moves with a heated Tyler hot on his heels. Through the screen door and onto the bed, Paul ducks for cover as Tyler jumps on top of him a moment behind, pins him in a classic position and then predictably exclaims, "Tickle Fight!" Having none of that Paul struggles out of Tyler's grasp, but in doing so, brushes up against Tyler's cock, which he can tell is semi-hard, even through Tyler's shorts. Seizing the opportunity, he grabs Tyler's cock and Tyler soon abandon's the wrestling for a different sort of grappling. Paul deftly takes Tyler's cock into his mouth as Tyler clumsily tries to take off his clothes. Pulling at Paul's shorts, he slides a finger in Paul's asshole as Paul continues to suck him off.Paul then mounts Tyler and rides him reverse while Tyler smacks Paul's ass, but inevitably Tyler takes control of the situation and slides to his side, fucking Paul against the side bed rail and pulling out just in time to cum all over Paul's hairy chest. Guess one huge blast deserves another!



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