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Video Description: With all the requests that we've gotten for us to shoot Angel again, it's a no-brainer that we invited the stud to our location when we found out he'd be in town for a few days.
With his bad-ass look, this motorcycle stunt-rider from Arizona has an awesome attitude, a chiseled body and a nice, thick cock that has a little added 'bling' to it.Angel is here to show us that he's gotten better with age; a bit bigger, a more refined look, and, he tells us, a cum-shot that he's been perfecting since our last run in with him. We definitely noticed a difference, whatever he's been doing, it worked.
So here he is, Angel, looking hot in the living room with his cock in his hand; then looking even more erotic as he admires himself in the bathroom mirror, where he also decides to stroke himself to completion, leaving his creamy-white cum all over the sink counter.
Let us know if you want to see this hunk in more action!


  • Angel B Picture

Next Door Male

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