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Video Description: This week, we bring to you Blake, a 23 year old from the heartland of the US.
Blake is a senior at a prestigious business school, hoping one day to become a billionaire businessman.He enjoys school, but really likes working out, as his chiseled body shows. He also loves spending time with his girlfriend, Amber, who he's been dating for nearly 3 years.
For this scene, Blake will be showing off his workout skills by warming up with a few sit ups and push ups. He then takes a bit of a break and starts flipping through a nearby sex magazine. Of course he gets turned on by the display of flesh, so he decides to unrobe and give his cock a bit of a stroking.
From there, Blake moves into the shower, continuing to pleasure himself. Once dried off, Blake walks into the bedroom, where he lays back on the bed and brings himself to climax, expelling a huge, very satisfying load onto his washboard stomach.


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