Brad, Dutch & Jello

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Video Description: We've always have gotten a lot of requests for more duo-jerks and some for 3 way jerks.

Well, this week we deliver! Enter 20 year old Brad, 22 year old Jello and 19 year old Dutch.

These guys all attend the local JC and love to bust nuts! So we decided to bring them in to have a little fun for our audience here at Next Door Buddies. After a while of joking and laughing about the porn that they're watching, Brad pulls out a big, long boner and starts stroking it. His friends quickly follow along and unrobed, all the while still joking and talking about what they'd do to the girl in the porn if they were involved. They all stoke stroke stroke, and then they unload their balls onto the floor.



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Next Door Buddies

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