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Categories Solo, Bear, Beefy
Video Description: When Brock came to us, we thought, okay, not a bad looking guy, but he didn't seem like he'd have a great body.
Boy, were we wrong. This guy works at a bicycle store and seems to lead a highly active lifestyle. When he took off his shirt, we were surprised to see Brock's rippling muscles staring back at us. He tells us he rides a bike everyday and works out 4 times a week.
He's very sexual and his girlfriend confirmed this, she says his favorite lunch time treat was a quickie in the back of his SUV.
Well, we present Brock, a well-groomed, young mountain biker, with a sexual apatite as big as his muscles, he strokes himself while watching some nightly news, goes to the shower to wash off and lightly strokes their too. To finish, Brock has chosen the comfy bed to jerk his cock until it explodes onto his hairy chest. Enjoy, you know he did!


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