Christian Wilde & Wade

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Video Description: Just in case you didn't know, Christian Wilde is totally bisexual and Wade likes guys. While all of us where hanging out on a recent weekend, we noticed these two got along really well, always joking and laughing together. When we offered them a chance to be in a scene together, they said they were down.

We gave them a comfy bed, some lube and porn to watch.

What happened? Well, first they made out, passionately tonguing each other, then Christian undresses his buddy to suck on his cock. Wade returns the favor for a bit before asking to be fucked. Like we said, Christian in 100% bi, so he puts on a condom, then slides his rock-hard cock into Wade's ass.

At the end of this flesh-fest, Wade needs to take a shower because he's covered in cum and Christian is ready for a nap.



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