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Video Description: Meet Clay.
This 19 year old journalism major has decided to show off and do a bit of porn.He comes from the Big Apple, where, when he's not occupied with school, is working as a valet parker at a fancy restaurant. He enjoys the nice cars and fat tips. He also spends quite a bit of time in the gym (if you couldn't tell) toning his body to the perfect balance of muscle and leanness.
Clay will be showing off first on the bed, where he slowly strips down, revealing his hot body and thick cock. He then moves into the kitchen, where he fucks his hands, bringing himself just to the edge of cuming. He then puts it away and heads out for a bit. When he comes back, Clay decided to finish himself off in the bathroom, where he first admires his muscle, then strokes his cock until it's squirting his thick, milky jism all over himself. Very hot!


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