More than just a handjob!

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Video Description: It's Saint Patty's Day! Well, at least it was when this hot scene was filmed.

Before going out to get wasted and into trouble, as Cody says, it's time to chill back, relax and enjoy a new video he just purchased. His ride for the night, Christian Wilde, happens to show up a bit early, just in time for the preparty festivities.

After stroking themselves to the flesh fest being played on the large flat screen in the living room, Cody finds Christian's hand on his cock. No worries there though, since Cody is down for a helping hand.

Of course, there's more than just a handjob in store for Cody, there's also a wicked cock sucking good enough to make the stud cum all over the place. Christian follows suit by unloading his balls onto his flat stomach.

Now it's time for beer and babes!



Cody Cummings