Sex In the Bathtub

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Video Description: Not too long ago, Christian was taking a bath when Cody walked into the restroom to take a shower. Since Christian doesn't mind seeing a naked person, he didn't have a problem with this at all.

After seeing Cody get undressed, Christian realized how studly his buddy really is. Once in the shower, Cody begins to soap himself and tug on his cock a bit. This turns Christian on quite a lot, so he then begins to tease his cock.

Once Cody gets out of the shower, he notices that Christian is watching him, so he offers his cock. This is where the fun begins.

Christian sucks his friends cock like a popsicle, making the beefy hunk moan and face fuck him.

Christian sucks with such skill that Tyler then sits down and blows his load all over the place, with Christian following shortly.



Cody Cummings