David Ryder

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Video Description: David Ryder is an extreme case originally from the south. Whether it is cycling 30 miles a day, skydiving or just hanging at the gym, if it gets his blood pumping, he's into it, and he's got the body to show for his hard work. Ripped and shredded with nary an ounce of fat on him, he's also got a fearless curiosity that allows him to experiment and expand his horizons without reservation. It's this trait that brings him here, where he has no inhibitions about his body. And why would he? Peeling out of his shorts, he shows his rippled abs and his long lean legs, but it's his hard cock that garners the most attention. Bending over, he pushes his cock between his legs as he maneuvers around the cot he's reclined on, before lubing it up and stroking it down, then exploding his load all over the sheets.



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