Fierce & Fox

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Video Description: Fox is back this week, and he's brought along his fairly new buddy Fierce.

They're not up to too much, but they have been complaining how horny they are. I think we'll be able to help them with that.The two jump into it on the couch, twisting their tongues together while they undress each other. Fox services his friend for a while, but then Fierce feels like he's not giving enough, so he stands Fox up and shoves the studs cock into his mouth. Fox is appreciative.

Oral is fun, but the guys want to move into things a little more...hardcore. So Fox gets on all fours, puts his ass up in the air, and waits for Fierce to slide his big, lubed up hog into his tight ass. From here, they move all over the room; Fox taking it in the rear the whole time.

All this, AND a creamy ending to leave you oh so satisfied.



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