JP & Paul

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Video Description: JP and Paul have been friends for a few years now. They also happen to live in the same city as our headquarters. One of our scouts saw these two getting friendly with each other behind one of the local night clubs.

So they were approached, and one thing led to another, and here they are, for your viewing pleasure. The two start off standing, joking with each other, Paul begins rubbing his buddy through his pants. They quickly undress, and Paul goes to work while JP stands and enjoys. They move to the bed where they can get a little more comfortable. Paul still doing all the sucking, he also gives a few nipple pinches and buries his face into JPs balls, making JP squirm. JP eventually gives his friend a helping hand with some nice stroking. The lube is introduced into the mix, so Paul decides to get on top, and slip that cock into his ass. He rides it nice and slow, letting JP fill him up and rub him from the inside with his meat while he gets his cock stroked too.

After getting reamed while he's bent over the bed for a while, Paul puts his legs up in the air, and lays on his back. His friend pounds him until his cock starts exploding, launching streams of cum onto his own chest, then gives it taste. Yummy!


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