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Video Description: Jake is a 20 year old gymnast who is also into cars, and girls (what a surprise).

He says he only jerks off a couple times of weeks because he gets laid 'too much' (however that's possible, who knows).In this scene, Jake shows us what he does when he's not out getting laid. He strokes himself hard, then enjoys a skin flicks until he spasms and shoots

Enjoy!Facts 1. Occupation: Student 2. Sexual orientation: Straight 3. Favorite position: Tied Up 4. Astrological sign: Leo 5. Age you lost your Virginity: 16 6. Biggest Turn on: Being Submissive 7. Biggest Turn off: Loud Mouth 8. Biggest Celebrity Crush: Lindsey Lohan 9. Favorite food: Chinese 10. Best physical feature: ArmsStats 1. Age: 20 2. Cock Length: 8 ' 3. Cock Girth: 5.75 ' 4. Cut or Uncut: Cut 5. Hometown: Atlanta 6. Height: 5'11' 7. Weight: 190 8. Shoe Size:11 9. Waist size: 34 10. Eye color: Light blue


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Stroke That Dick