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Categories Solo, Athletic
Video Description: His friends call him Casanova, we call him Joey.
This charming and outgoing 22 year old comes from the North East. We were coming back from an expo and we had just arrived at the airport to come home. As we were walking to our gate, one of our people noticed this good looking young guy leaning against a baggage cart, hitting on a cute girl.
He was persistent, but apparently it paid off, because he pulled out his phone and put in her number. Once he started walking away, we confronted him, told him the deal, and gave him our card. He called us a few days later, said he was down, and this is what we got; a young stud, getting his cock hard on the couch, soaping up and stroking in the shower and while laying on the bed, this hottie unloads his balls on his abs, chest and...face.


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