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Video Description: This week, we introduce to you the very handsome, 21 year old Justin, who comes to us from Tampa Bay, already looking tan and ripped for the summer.
Justin works at a bait and tackle shop, where he spends too much of his time. He really enjoys getting out and partying down with his friends. Right now he says he's single, but is always on the lookout for the 'right one'.
Justin loves to cum, which you can tell because of the TWO loads he blows during the scene. He told us that the most he's cum was 7 times in one day. Wow!
So lean back, lock the door, lube up and enjoy yourself as this pretty-boy hottie has fun on the couch, washes off in the shower, and shoots his second load onto his stomach while laying on the bed, where he then decides to roll over and take a snooze.


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