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Video Description: Oh boy, do we have one for you this week.

Kelly, a flamboyant college student from the Midwest, decided to bring along his buddy...but his buddy is a little different from the norm. Enter Kelly's buddy, an amazing 14 inch long, 10 inch around, black dildo. The thing is bigger than his arm! Some may say ouch! But Kelly says 'ooooh yeah'!

This guy shows us how he can take it, and take it deep. He lubes that sucker up, and sits on it, wiggling his tight ass so that the behemoth toy will fit in. He says he plays with it every few can see why it probably wouldn't be good to use that puppy everyday. He puts on a great show, with lots of enthusiasm. Rock hard all the way through, Kelly blows his load while he ass pumps his 'buddy'.



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