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Video Description: This next door neighbor, Kenny, is a 21 year old construction worker that you may recognize from TommyDxxx or NextDoorHookups.
It was only a matter of time before we got him to show us how he gets down alone on NextDoorMale. His muscular physique and handsome good looks made him a natural choice to be selected to join the ranks of our studs.
Kenny happened to be behind on a bill or two, and he knew we always have wanted to film him, so finally he approached us the other day and let us know he was ready to roll. Out came the cameras, the lube...and an orgasmically good time was had.
So sit back, unzip and watch as this handsome young man wakes up with a hard on and teases himself. He then admires his own muscled body in the mirror, slapping his cock around still. Then, when his balls are tight and throbbing, he lets himself go all the way while in the living room, expelling his cum with a blast onto the coffee table.


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Next Door Male

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