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Video Description: This is Kyle, a 24 year old full time lifeguard on the sunny beaches of Southern California. When he's not busy saving people's hind-ends in Baywatch style rescues, he's either riding his dirt bike in the forested hills of SoCal, or working on a recently purchased 'fixer upper' investment property in the desert.Now you know why this guy is so tan.

Since Kyle is also into watching porn with his girlfriend Patricia, he thought that it might be a fun, exciting and financially beneficial thing to be a part of. Patricia agreed and pushed him to apply with us. We're happy he made that choice and we think you will be too.

So enjoy Kyle as he goes for a dip in the pool, showers off in the luxurious bathroom, and brings himself to fountain-like orgasm on the bed.

This guy's a stud we'd like to have back sometime soon. Let us know if that's a good idea.



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