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Video Description: Lucas is a fresh new face here on NextDoorMale. This 23 year old loves to play basketball, go hiking and he also swims a lot. When he's not being active, he's kicking back at his house with his two other roommates Jared and Frankie.

Lucas has a great personality. He's outgoing and loves to show off, but he's not a pompous ass by any means. At the moment he doesn't have a girlfriend, but he gets himself tail about once a week whenever he hits the local pubs. He prefers his girls Asian, but will settle for anything that's petite and hot.For his first NextDoorMale scene, Lucas lets us watch him strip down and stroke himself in the hallway before he jumps in the bathtub and continues his stroking. When Lucas feels like he wants to blow his load, he relocates to the bedroom where he grips his cock and chases down a very satisfying, shooting orgasm. After his great feeling release, Lucas rolls over and dozes off for a nice afternoon nap.



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