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Categories Amateur, Solo, Fraternity, Twink
Video Description: Mack.
Mack is no longer active in the military, but those days aren't too far behind him.
At the young age of 24, this slim but ripped marketing consultant says he loves life, and looks forward to everyday he wakes up.
Something else Mack told us he does when he wakes up is take about 15 minutes to play with his 8 inch mammoth cock, unless there's a naked girl laying next to him, then she'll take care of the cock. Either way, Mack likes to start his day with an orgasm. We don't blame him.
So kick back and watch as he gets himself all worked up on the black chair, then moves in to the bathroom, where he admires the muscles that he's worked hard to gain.
From there, Mack ends up on the bed with his favorite nudie magazine in his hand, furiously yanking his hard cock until he's moaning and humping the air as cum spurts all over his upper body.
Looks like Mack had fun. We hope you did too!


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