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Video Description: The beautiful 20 year old you see on your screen is Matt.
He comes to us from Utah, where he goes to school full time, works part time, and hangs out with his friends any free second he has.
Matt would like to become an electrical engineer, but first he's got to pay down his credit why not do some porn! We couldn't agree more.
The scene starts off with Matt getting comfortable on his couch, where he gets himself turned on by watching his favorite xxx movie.
The day is warm out, and all the sex on the TV makes Matt slightly perspire, so he decides to cool off in the shower, where he also gives his large cock a few tugs.
Feeling cooled off from the shower, Matt jumps on the bed, where he strokes his cock hard again, and keeps on stroking until he brings himself to peak; making his cock pour out a thick stream of cum which pools up on his stomach.
The more better to lick up!


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