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Video Description: Check out this guy! He's one of those gifted individuals with a HUGE cock.
Yeah, HUGE.Randy is a 21 year old baseball coach who recently has had the urge to show off what he's got. We're happy that he chose us to help him with that.
Randy was really excited to see some new porn; apparently he lacks a way of getting fresh jerk-materials.
He says he has no problem getting laid, but he really enjoys some time alone. So we sat him on the couch, loaded up the hottest straight porn we could dig up, and walla, he's stroking like a madman.
After jerking it for a while on the couch, Randy takes a nap on the bed. When he awakes a short time later, he decides to finish himself off and beats that huge log of his until it's erupting like a volcano, drooling cum down his shaft like molten lava.
Randy sure feels satisfied, but a shower would really top it off. So he jumps in for a quick rinse off.


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