Ricky M & Mia Lelani

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Video Description: So we got these two, we got the car, and we got out cameras rolling, and boy oh boy, did we ever capture some hot, kinky sex. Luckily, no cars were injured in the filming of this!

It all starts when Ricky is about to get out of his ride after backing it up into the garage. Mia walks up to him, welcoming home by leaning into the car, and taking his pants off for a tasty blow job. Of course there's much more than just a blow job in this scene. Ricky gets out of the car, undresses Mia and goes to town, licking and sucking on her pussy. He then pulls out his cock and begins to fuck the daylights of her.

Ricky M does her this way and that, making her scream and moan, until he pulls out and unloads his balls onto her back.



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