Riddick & Scott

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Video Description: That really buff, good looking young guy Riddick is back and he's packing a hardon for someone's ass.The other day, Riddick was showering off after a long sweaty workout when Scott walked in the bathroom to take a leak. Since Scott is a bit curious, he couldn't help himself but to gaze over the beefy Riddick's wet body. Surprisingly to Scott, Riddick motioned for him to join him in the shower. One thing led to another, and all of a sudden, they were making out before Scott gets on his knees and takes the giant's cock into his mouth.

From the shower, the duo moves into the bedroom, where Riddick fucks Scott's ass from multiple different angles and positions, making his buddy cum all over himself. Riddick then strokes himself to completion while Scott watches in an orgasm-induced gaze.



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