Rusty Stevens

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Video Description: Rusty Stevens is totally bummed. He was supposed go to the mall with his friends, but they forgot to pick him up again. With nothing to do, Rusty's mind drifts towards thoughts of sexy, island nights where anything goes.

He pretends he's a wealthy sheik from a foreign land, staying in the finest suite at the most luxurious hotel. Lounging around his room in such fine linens, and having smelled the aroma of rare, expensive incense, Rusty's penis becomes erect and hard. The tradition in this strange land when this happens is to jerk one's boner until it emits love juice in an explosion of euphoria. Sheik Rusty will indeed follow the custom, even though he knows members of the hotel staff are peeking through his open window to catch a glimpse of nobility. Let them watch, he says!



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