Toning The Cock Muscle

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Video Description: Samuel O' Tool is a vital, young man in peak physical shape. But he didn't get that way by sitting around like a lazy larry. Today he's showing you fans how he worked his body into such excellent condition. Samuel's workout starts with some elastic resistance training. From there some nice flexing moves, and then it's on to cock training.

Cock training is picking up momentum around the globe. You can watch this scene and follow along at home. Take notice of the large 'equipment' Samuel is working with. He's making sure to take nice, even strokes, making the most out of this hot training session. In fact, when you're getting results like Samuel does here, you can expect to produce some hot, sticky pre cum. This is a workout to which you can follow along at home!



  • Samuel O'Toole Picture

Samuel O'Toole

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