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Video Description: Samuel has been whoring around over on NextDoorBuddies the last couple of weeks, but we haven't' seen him on NextDoorMale for months.
There's just something about this stud that everyone loves. Whether it's his charming smile, his sexy eyes, or his fat cock, Samuel loves the camera and the camera loves him.
This scene starts with Samuel enjoying the fresh outdoors on the back porch. After making sure no one(except us) were watching, Samuel decides to start touching himself. Once aroused, the dark haired stud moves into the house to continue his teasing. Samuel admires himself in the bathroom mirror while squeezing and stroking his cock. He doesn't want to cum just yet, so he moves into the living room to finish himself off. Samuel dumps a giant load of cum onto himself, making sure he strokes every last drop out of his shaft before getting up and going on with his day.
A very hot scene with a very hot guy that is sure to get you rock hard.


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Next Door Male

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