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Video Description: Wow. Have you seen this guy's muscles? He's huge.
We'd be talking about Stewart, our newest addition to NextDoorMale. At only 23, he's almost got the body of Arnold...but he's much sexier than that.
Stewart got talked into doing porn for a bit by his girlfriend, Lisa, who he's been dating for over 2 years. This one's taken, but that doesn't stop us from offering him all sorts of work on our other sites. So far he seems pretty open minded, luckily for us...and you.
Stewart decides to start touching himself while lying in his bed. The hulk of a man undresses and continues the teasing of his cock. Stewart then gets off the bed and walks outside where he takes a seat on the steps, and begins stroking himself again. When he wants to cum, he wonders around the house to the back yard, where he lubes himself up with massage oil before bringing himself to climax, which leaves his ripped abs covered in his thick, warm cum.


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