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Video Description: Fresh from surfing the cool waters of Northern California, we introduce first-timer T.A.
This big beefy stud replied to one of our online model searches and happened to be in an area where we were shooting the other week, so there was no problem squeezing him in for a shoot. We always have room for another dick : )
He tells us his favorite thing to do is surf, but coming in a close second, and which shows he has a softer, more creative side, T.A. like to paint. Big paintings, as big as a wall, so he can stand and 'be in the painting' while he's creating; cool!
From jerking it on the couch, T.A. takes a nice quick shower to loosen up. While laying on the bed, he gets the unstoppable urge to stroke his cock, and he does so until it starts emptying his balls onto his stomach...Hot!


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