Trained to Fuck

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Video Description: For this week's super-awesome update, Tommy brings to you the ever-so-huge (and hot) Riddick. He's a 24 year old full time personal trainer and part time porn 'actor'. He's done the straight stuff, and he's done the gay stuff, and since guy on guy pays much more, he's happy to get down on cam for all you TommyD lovers.

Tommy asks him a few questions before lubing him up and rubbing him down. Of course it heats up more than that, especially when Tommy takes Riddick's thick cock into his mouth and nurtures it like a baby on a tit.

Riddick doesn't mind returning the favor so he picks Tommy up, puts him on the bed and blows him. The two then shoot their loads onto themselves and that concludes this kinky scene...with more to cum, of course!



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