Wild Room Moment With Amy

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Video Description: This week, we caught Cody hooking up with the busty vixen Amy. Luckily, we had our equipment in the trunk of our car, so we were fast to get the action captured for your viewing pleasure.

The two make out before stripping down and jumping on the bed. Cody goes to town on her pussy, licking and sucking at it. Amy then pleases her man by taking his huge cock into her mouth and blowing him. When she's ready to feel him inside her, she lays back and puts her legs in the air. Cody loves thicker women, as his motto is the more there is, the more there is to grab when pounding it.

After fucking Amy in all sorts of positions, Cody pulls out and tit-fucks her before blowing his load all over her chest.



Cody Cummings