Tommy & Douglas

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Video Description: Tommy and Douglas make a mighty fine pair in this sensational man-on-man moment!

Clad only in their boxer briefs, these studs really get into each other! They kiss and suck each other with apparent affection and genuine attraction.

Douglas loves sucking Tommy's cock and Tommy shows his appreciation by returning the favor. Douglas takes his time sucking Tommy's lollipop until he rolls over on to his hands and knees. Douglas gently licks Tommy's ass and fingers it to Tommy's great enjoyment. Tommy cums hard and sprays the sheets as Douglas continues to finger Tommy's ass while stroking his own swollen manpole. Douglas then lays on his back and frantically massages his dick while Tommy sucks on his nipple until Douglas grunts and shoots his load on his stomach!

You'll want to watch this over and over again!


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Tommy D XXX

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