A Good Ride

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Video Description: Tommy enjoys getting fucked, and now he says he's starting to enjoy fucking...and we're talking ass here. (Tommy has always been down to fuck some pussy)

Today, Tommy's produced 24 year old Riley, who he recently orally-interviewed. Riley loves a hard cock pounding his hole, so he had no problem accepting this mission.

Riley is also aggressive, and jumps on Tommy like he's the only cock on the block. The two make out and then get straight to business with Tommy taking Riley's thick hardness into his mouth, sucking it, licking it and stroking it.

Riley then returns the favor, and drools all over Tommy's cock while he does the head-bob. Tommy loves it. When it's time to get to the main course, Riley gets on top and slides that cock into his ass. Moaning he rides it up and down until Tommy turns him around and fucks him doggy style.

After flipping him around and doing him in numerous positions, Tommy blows his load onto Riley's back. Riley then blows his load onto the couch before Tommy's even finished.



  • Riley Shy Picture

Tommy D XXX

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