A Very Fuckable Doll

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Starring Tommy D
Video Description: For this weeks update, Tommy decided to do something a bit different.

One of our cameramen had recently picked up a new sex toy. It's not just any sex toy though; it's a full sized fuck-doll. Yeah, that's right. Tommy's getting laid today by a super-real looking imitation chic. Before dipping his dick in the waiting toy, Tommy shows us that he's been hitting the gym real hard and has some new definition and bulging muscles.

After getting hard, Tommy lubes his shaft, lubes her pussy and begins to pound this adults-only toy. He enjoys the fake girl and brings her to the bed from the couch to hit it doggy style. After slamming it from the back, Tommy decides the real thing is better and wants to feel some real flesh on his cock. Unfortunately, Ruby is nowhere to be found, so Tommy chooses his hand and strokes himself to a shooting completion, releasing his balls all over his stomach and chest.


Tommy D XXX

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