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Video Description: Today we have the honor of presenting to you a very good looking 19 year old. Adrian had a friend that did a scene with us for Next Door Buddies, and told him we'd be the ones to contact if he ever wanted to break into adult work.Luckily, this young skater-stud took his friends advice and gave us a call. A few days later, we showed up in his city and were ready to roll.
Adrian is one of those guys that everyone likes. He's well spoken, out going, and at the same time, you know he's the type of guy you don't want to piss off.
He really enjoyed the shoot, saying that stroking your cock in front of a stranger with a camera is pretty erotic, even though he's as straight as they come.
So sit back, put it on full screen, and get ready to have a stroke-a-long with Adrian, as he chills out in the kitchen, flexes and stretches in the bathroom and lets numerous powerful streams of warm, milky, man-juice burst from his cock all over himself. Yes! Enjoy.


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