Anthony & Brady Rey

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Video Description: We've got a hot oral scene for you this week featuring the studly Brady Rey and the smooth, long-cocked Anthony.

Brady heard that Anthony was cleaning out one of the trailers the guys were going to use for camping during the upcoming weekend, so he decided to see if his friend needed any help.

As he approached, he noticed that Anthony's pants were ripped, and his ass was showing. Watching the hot young guy work his arms, cleaning the exterior of the trailer, started to turn Brady Rey on.

Feeling risky and cocky that day, Brady decided to make a move and see how it played out. Surprisingly, Anthony doesn't back away when Brady walks up and starts rubbing his ass.

Knowing that he's got it, Brady reaches his hand up the tears in Anthony's pants and starts tugging on his cock.The two move into the trailer to have a bit more fun. Brady got to suck some cock and get his cum fix. Anthony got a blowjob and busted a nut. Everyone's satisfied.



Next Door Buddies

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