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Video Description: Anthony is one of those good natured, independent, successful young guys that we all strive to be when we're growing up.

At his age of 22, Anthony owns his own business, is single, and has a group of great friends that he says have supported him thought he good and the bad.

Standing at 6'2', this guy is no joke. Weighing in at a healthy 195, Anthony loves working out in his garage, where he's set up his own gym. He also tells us he's somewhat of a sexual deviant, liking things a bit more than your 'average' sexual experience. That's also why he's here on NextDoorMale. He's got a huge cut cock that he loves to stroke.

So here he is, Anthony, teasing himself in the kitchen, admiring himself in the bathroom mirror, taking a bath and getting himself off in the bedroom.

This guy is seriously a STUD with his unique look and great personality. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience with 22 year old Anthony.


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