Brec Boyd

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Video Description: If there's one thing you should know about Brec Boyd, it's that he believes in a strong work ethic. No matter who you are, if you find yourself under the employ of Mr. Boyd, work your ass off or go home. Today Brec has discovered something a bit upsetting. Apparently his landscaper has hidden a pornographic magazine underneath the seat of the riding lawnmower. Brec does NOT pay his laborers to jerk off on the job.

He decides to confiscate the magazine and bring it into his room for further review. When Brec finds that some of the images depicted in the dirty magazine are indeed quite boner inducing, he confronts his erection head-on, using a simple technique to remedy the situation. Brec uses an ancient method to satisfy his hungry dick. He strokes and rubs in such a way that his cock at first gets even harder and firmer than before. Brec jumps on his laptop to view some more porn and continues tugging his fatty. Eventually his effort pays off and Brec realizes that having a nudie mag around might just be a tool his workers use for reenergizing themselves to stay focused and fresh on the job.



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