Chris & Amber

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Video Description: This couple has been dating for the last half a year. They responded to one of our ads, saying that they loved being watch when they fucked. That worked for us.

Chris bends Amber over, onto all fours, and starts rubbing all over her pussy. From the start, you can see that they're totally into being watched.

Chris puts his monster into her hole and starts pumping. Slow at first, sliding in and out, her pussy opening, swallowing his cock down to his balls. He speeds it up and starts slamming her.

To our surprise and enjoyment, Chris started rubbing his swollen cock head on her ass, then shoved that fucker in. She took it all and loved it.

At the end of the scene, we get another treat... Chris, instead of pull out and wasting his spunk, he empties his load IN HER PUSSY. Yeah, cream pie. She then displays her ability to be able to dump out Chris's whole load. It dribbles out of her pussy, down her ass, onto the bed... Woohoo!


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