Clark Kent & Samuel

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Starring Samuel, Clark Kent
Video Description: Did we ever tell you Clark Kent loves getting his cock sucked? Well, he does!

The other day he was in the shower, stroking himself a bit, when Samuel walked into the bathroom to see if his friend was ready to go. When Samuel pulled back the shower curtains, he saw the stud with his dick in his hand, leaned up against the back wall with his eyes closed, slowly tugging on his cock. Samuel loves a hot body and cock, so he helped himself into the shower, leaned over and took his friend's cock into his mouth.

Before long, the two grab towels and head on out to the living room, where they continue their fun. Samuel gets behind Clark Kent and worships his beefy legs. He kisses and rubs them, before going back around the Clark's front and taking his cock into his mouth again. Samuel sucks his friend until Clark Kent can't take it any more and proceeds to fiercely beat his cock until it explodes all over Samuel, who in turn, explodes all over himself, ending this hot scene with plenty of spilt cum.


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