Dak Ramsey

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Starring Dak Ramsey
Video Description: This is Dak Ramsey, a 31 year old bisexual guy who loves to show off his thick, long cock. He plays football, is a body-builder, and is turned on immensely by body-to-body contact.

Dak is a nice guy who's easy to get along and hang out with. He'll be showing off his large cock and his rock-solid body today here on StrokeThatDick,

Enjoy! Facts

1.Occupation: Amateur Pornstar

2.Sexual orientation: Bi

3.Favorite position: Doggy

4.Astrological sign: Taurus

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 16

6.Biggest Turn on: Skin contact

7.Biggest Turn off: Not in shape

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Has many

9.Favorite food: Grilled Chicken

10.Best physical feature: Everything


1.Age: 31

2.Cock Length: 9'

3.Cock Girth: 5.75'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home state: Orange County

6.Height: 5'9''

7.Weight: 175

8.Shoe Size: 9

9.Waist size: 32

10.Eye color: Golden Brown

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