Dan & Angy

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Video Description: Angy has worked with us before. And she called us up, wanting to work for us again. Saying she's gotten a new boyfriend, and he's got a mammoth of a cock. We believed her, but wanted to see our selves, so to the bedroom they went.

They started off with their clothes on, but as each second ticked but, it seems that the clothes were some how just sliding themselves off of their wearer's body. Oh well, they have to come off some time.

The two turn up the heat as the engage is some mutual pawing and rubbing. Angy wasn't lying, Dan's instrument is definitely the right size for the job. Angy loves it. With his big piece of man-meat getting rammed in and out of her tight honey pot, Dan stands up, lifting her high, then drops her onto his pole, making her get loud. They switch into a some doggy style, ball-clapping, booty-rippling, fast sex.


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