Denny & Fox

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Starring Fox, Denny
Video Description: The boys are back, and by boys I mean Fox and Denny, and when I say they're back I mean that they had so much fun playing with each other and showing off last time, that they begged and pleaded until we no longer could stand it, so we gave in and let them dip into the cookie jar twice.

Fox and Denny were rooming up in a hotel together for a promotional shoot they were doing recently, so we thought why not have them go at it after a long, hard(hard, yeah right) day of underwear modeling. Things worked out great, there was a group of beautiful young women at the same place getting photos taken too, so our guys got really worked up and horny.

Once back at their place, Denny tells Fox to suck his dick good, which his buddy happily does. From there, Fox has to taste some ass, so he gets Denny on his stomach and goes to town on his hole, flicking his tongue and sucking, Denny squirms in ecstasy.

 'Now it's my turn to abuse your ass' says Denny, as he puts Fox's legs on his shoulders and shoves his rock hard cock into his friend's puckered hole.

After pounding ass for a while, Denny shoots his load all over Fox's face, and watches it drip down his chest. Fox returns the favor by spraying his nut on Denny's stomach.

An eye for an eye might make us all blind, but a cum-shot for a cum-shot makes everyone happy.


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