Joey & Elizabeth

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Video Description: We were up near the Great Lakes recently doing some things, and we came across Joey, or 'Casanova' as his friends call him, while we were at our hotel. It turns out him and his girlfriend Elizabeth, were stuck in that town for a few days because someone stole their bank cards the day earlier. They said how much they needed money...

We couldn't resist and told them how they could make some money. We weren't sure how they'd react, but as you can see, they accepted our offer.

So check out this hot couple as they strip down and get a little naughty.

They start off with some hot kissing, but his girl didn't wait long to stuff his good sized member in to her mouth and start working it. After getting sucked like pacifier, he returns the favor and licks that pussy like it was the last ice cream on a desert island. This totally gets her wet and ready to get pounded. He pounds her good, while she moans and asks for more. After asking to get drenched in cum, he obliged with 3 gooey streams across her back.


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