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Video Description: Chase Harding reclines on a leather sofa, eyes closed, hands fumbling around inside his pants, with his reveries focused on the matters in hand. Tracing the outline of his cock through his underwear, he waits for the touch of his friend Chase Erickson who eyes him from across the room. Erickson saunters over lazily, running his hand up the length of Harding's body before finding his mouth and laying a sloppy but decisive kiss on our reclining hero. Snapping into action, he works Harding's cock up with his hand before diving in face first, choking down the shaft as it grows harder between his lips. Harding slides his finger down the Erickson's back as he continues to suck, sliding two fingers and the three inside of Erickson, before pulling out his dick and shoving Erickson up against the couch back, slipping his cock inside and beginning to pump and pound without regard. Slapping Erickson's ass, Harding grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him closer, thrusting his lust back and forth and grabbing Erickson by his assless waistline before pulling out and blasting a load all over his waiting face.



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