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Video Description: Quite a while ago, we brought to your Jake, a manly 18 year old that loved showing off his 6' by 6' cock. Today, Jake is back. It's been some time, and now's he's almost 20.
He still possesses the hunky look, but you can tell he's matured.
He already knows how Next Door Male works, so he had no problem putting on a hot show.
Jake throws in one of his most beloved porns, which gets him hard almost instantly, but he doesn't start stroking right away, he warm himself up with some rubbing through his pants.
Once sufficiently turned on, Jake pulls out his bulldozer of a cock and starts to stroke it.
He doesn't cum on the couch; he stops and goes downstairs to get a glass of water.
After quenching his thirst, Jake jumps on the bed and start jerking it with more vigor. He keeps on stroking until he can't hold it any longer and starts to shoots load after load onto his stomach. Jake is really vocal, and lets us know he's cumming...and that's the way we like it.
There's nothing like a warm shower to complete an orgasm, so Jake takes a quick rinse off before his departure...
Hope you enjoy!


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