Jonny T & Jessie

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Video Description: Did you know that JonnyT is in the military? If you didn't, welcome to the club; neither did we! To our surprise, JonnyT showed up after being out of town for a few weeks, and apparently it was from basic training!

Luckily for Jonny, he didn't get too beat up, and his girlfriend, the sexy blonde Jessie, was just as eager to see him again as we were. Thing is, Jessie gets to fuck him and we don't.

For this scene, JonnyT bring out the big guns. The real big guns! The kind of guns we like. The kind that shoot warm, milky semen instead of bullets...and they don't cum much bigger than JonnyT's massive 8+ thick monster.

One of our favorite studs takes the small Jessie and lets out all his aggression on her, which she loves, of course!



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