Kenny & Riddick

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Video Description: Kenny and Riddick are both big, muscular guys, and they both like to cum. One recent evening, they both were hanging out, talking and getting ready for a big party that night. Kenny threw out the idea that they should head to the loveseat on the porch and stroke off before they shower and leave. Riddick was down and the stroking begins.

After the two hunks have their cocks out and are tugging on them for a bit, Riddick surprises Kenny and reaches over and starts stroking it for him. Kenny doesn't mind and actually reciprocates the love by grabbing a hold of his buddies cock too.

This scene is hot, but doesn't just include handjobs. Oh no, there's blowjobs and a 69. These two get down and dirty before they cum onto themselves and leave to go out for the night.

We hope we'll be able to convince these two to go a bit further next time.



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