Kevin Keyes

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Video Description: Kevin Keyes is his name, and selling nice cars is his game...well, when he's at work, that is.

When this 23 year isn't at work, it's another story completely. He's a nice guy, he's a joker, and boy is he ever horny. At the moment, he's single and he loves it. There's nothing better than being able to get laid by two or three different women on a weekend, he says. Once he takes his clothes off, you'll see why the ladies love him so much. He's packing not a gun, but a huge cock. This thing is long and thick as his wrist.

Kevin has made an appearance on StrokeThatDick, but this is his first time doing it NextDoorMale style.He starts off pleasing himself on the sofa, and then he strolls into the bathroom where he admires his beefy build, all the while still stroking himself. When he wants to shoot his load, he strips down naked and lies on the bed. Sometimes big cocks don't shoot that much cum, but that's not the case with Kevin. When he cums he drenches the bed and himself in an explosive orgasm.

Enjoy this dark haired stud.


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