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Categories Solo, Twink, Slim
Video Description: Meet Kyle, a hot and handsome 21 year old hotel clerk from Cleveland, Ohio.
We met this young guy checking into our hotel with all of our gear. He inquired if we worked for a news channel. We had to break it to him that we work in the very boring pornography business. His eyes lit up but he kept his cool. He said, 'Sounds like fun' and gave us our keys.
We noticed he was a stud, and he showed interest, so the next night, we swung by and dropped a card off with him. He let us know he was to get off in half an hour and if we were going to be around. We said yeah, and went out to drinks with him and his girlfriend Katie an hour later.
Fun guy. When he's around people he knows, he's totally open, making jokes and talking about all sorts of things. We told him we wanted to film him for a solo. Everything worked out, as you can see.
So enjoy Kyle, while he feels his chiseled body in the mirror, rubs his cock through is shorts on the couch, and then drops a great sized load...all over our bed!


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